"The Police say the fire was accidental."

Oh. Riiiiight. The Police. The Ferguson Police. The Police who stepped on and let their dogs urinate on the Mike Brown Memorial. The Ferguson Police who covered up Mike Brown’s shooting, the Police who started martial law and shot rubber and wood bullets into crowds of peaceful protestors. The Ferguson Police. That Police??? I DUNNOOOOOO.


when the teacher comes around to collect your homework





This man was our president for EIGHT YEARS. We are never gonna live this down

remember when there was a thriving unanimous mass market for Bush hatred like

by term 2 one of the towns where I grew up had an anti-Bush Administration themed restaurant

# fuck me # how do you even theme a restaurant around that??

IT WAS PAINFULLY EASY menu highlights included the Wolfowitz in Sheep’s Clothing Club and the Mission Accomplished Burger Challenge

the bookstore in santa cruz used to sell countdown clocks to bush getting out of office.



Imagine this: You’re sitting in your animation history class. Your professor says that your classmate who sits two empty seats away from you is going to show his animation. Joy!

Then, projected ten feet tall in glorious HD, is an autobiographical piece about his life problems and his manic pixie dream girl purple skunk girlfriend. Complete with fade to black sex. And masturbation scene.

Imagine that and you will know a fraction of my pain.

holy piss